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Racing Together 1949-2016

Signed by former MotoGP commentator Nick Harris.

Racing Together, Nick Harris

This eye-catching book tells the story of World Championship motorcycle racing with particular emphasis on the past 25 years and the role of Dorna, the international sports management and marketing group.

Dorna became involved in motorcycle racing in 1992 and set about stabilising the ailing World Championship, which had run since 1949, and introducing a new era of direction and harmony, and of sporting and commercial success.

The effect of Dorna’s efforts is abundantly apparent in the present-day stature of MotoGP throughout the world. In this book the world’s best motorcycle-racing authors tell the entire story – of the racing itself and the Dorna backdrop to it – of those 25 years in a lively style that will appeal not only to those involved professionally in the sport but also its millions of fans world-wide.


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