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Case study: Andrew's will

A long time supporter of Two Wheels for Life, Andrew talks about why he chose to give in his will.

Andrew Pincott

Andrew Pincott by Tom Oldham

Why did you think to add charity to your will?

I’ve always enjoyed raising money for charitable causes, so leaving money in my will is just an extension of that. Having had cancer a few years ago, it prompted me to think carefully about updating my will. It’s obviously a personal decision, but by leaving more than 10% of my assets to charity I also reduce any potential Inheritance Tax bill, which doesn’t just benefit the charity and the people they help, but also ensures my other beneficiaries receive more.

Why did you choose Two Wheels for Life?

You get used to people telling you how dangerous riding a bike is, so when I heard about a charity where ‘Motorcycles save lives’ it seemed a great way to combine that passion with benefitting a fantastic cause.

What is your relationship to motorcycles and the charity?

I’ve ridden motorcycles since I was 14, and they have been a constant presence throughout my life, whether on the road, off-road or on track. Over the years I’ve become more and more involved in supporting Two Wheels for Life – and am now proud to be one of its trustees.

What would you say to others considering writing a will?

I know that for many people having children prompts them to consider writing a will. For me it was the other way around. I don’t have children, and besides providing for my godchildren, I wanted to make sure that any of my legacy went to a cause where I knew it would be well used. I’ve seen first-hand the valuable work Two Wheels for Life funds in Africa.
Oh, and one other thing is I’d say don’t put off making a will – it’s not hard to do. I found that it actually helped me focus on what’s important in my life!

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