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Liberia woman and children

Fight COVID-19 & dangerous diseases across Africa

Ensure the delivery of test results, education, equipment and vaccines to hard to reach communities using motorcycles

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We are now experiencing, for many of us for the first time, the immense impact of an infectious disease on our communities. As COVID-19 spreads, we have become hyper-aware of the importance of testing, public hygiene and how we can limit deaths in our countries.

Threats like coronavirus are not news to people across Africa

Many African countries fight a constant battle against dangerous contagious diseases like Denge and Lassa fever, and most recently Ebola. Resources are always tight, and medicines, tests and facilities are rarely accessible to most. The virus poses terrible risks for the 1.2 billion population of Africa

Two Wheels for Life together with on-the-ground partners Riders for Health, are experts in healthcare delivery across the African continent. For 30 years they have enabled healthcare workers to reach the most remote areas with healthcare, education and supplies.

We are in a position to help a continent that doesn’t have the financial and medical resources that we are lucky enough to enjoy. Our campaign, in partnership with Dorna Sports, the commercial rights holder of MotoGP™  will battle of the threat of COVID-19 across Africa using the power of motorcycles.

Funds raised will be used for the delivery of test results, education and equipment to hard to reach communities.

Join bikers and MotoGP™ fans worldwide to fight deadly disease and show that motorcycles save lives.

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Anthony, a sample courier transporting test results for diagnosis in Grand Bassa, Liberia.

Sample courier Anthony is trained to both ride his motorcycle skillfully and safely as well as in hygienic and safe transport of samples for diagnosis.


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