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Fundraising Fridays

Raising money for charity at work is a great way to drum up funds for a good cause and a positive way to bring you and your team closer.

Dress-down Fridays, sometimes known as casual Fridays are popular workplace fundraising option because they’re just so easy to set up and take part in.

In companies where smart dress or a uniform is usually required the day gives employees the chance to have a break from ironing or just a chance to wear clobber that they feel more comfortable in.

Lots of people are going to have got used to a much more laid back attire while working at home – possibly including pyjamas! So now with many people now returning to offices post lockdown this is a great chance to give this idea a go.

Some of the Riders for Health team in Lesotho provide motorcycle healthcare transport to the whole nation. By fundraising for Two Wheels for Life you and your colleagues could them reach people people with live saving services.

Nigel Jefferies, employee at Toyota Gibraltar Stockholdings Ltd. has recently got dress down Fridays going in his office. We’re delighted that Nigel and his colleagues have already sent us their first cheque!

How it works

  • Ask your employer. If it’s not your company you’ll need to know that they are happy. You can send them information about Two Wheels for Life, perhaps a link to the website. If you need help with this please contact us.
  • Set a date. Most companies run dress down Fridays weekly but you might run it monthly or even just once a year.
  • Set the rules. You’ll need to think about whether there are any rules at all around dress i.e. you might want to draw the line at ripped clothing for instance or you might decide to have fun with it and have a fancy dress theme.
  • Decide on a fee. This could be whatever employees want to to contribute or a fixed cost eg. a pound.  You may want to have a fundraising target for instance for your company to have raised enough to buy a motorcycle for health workers over the course of the year. If so you can work back from there. See our item costs here.
  • Share information with employees. They’ll need to know the  date, information about the cause and the rules as soon as possible. And remember it won’t be for everybody. Make sure they know it’s optional.

If you would like to get this started please get in touch. Or if you don’t work in an office or the dress style is already casual there are more company fundraising ideas here.

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