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How your support is helping Lesotho battle the third wave of Covid-19

Ambulances provided by Two Wheels for Life are allowing partner organisation Riders for Health to run a reliable 24hr emergency transport service at a time of great need.

Riders for Health, supported by Two Wheels for Life in the UK, in Lesotho, Africa January 2020. Images by Tom Oldham

The third wave of COVID-19 is in full force in Lesotho, the mountain kingdom of Southern Africa. Here, the motorcycle-mounted health workers we support collect and carry 6000 samples for diagnosis every day.

These tests are now regularly finding 700 positive cases and daily deaths are now the norm. Health services are already overburdened with TB, HIV/AIDS and non communicable diseases, and with a population of just over two million this is very troubling.

With your support, we have been able to step in to help the country. Two Wheels for Life has sent two ambulances to our partner organisation Riders for Health allowing them to run a reliable 24hr emergency transport service. The vehicles take patients in critical need from local health centres to hospitals and transport COVID-19 patients to isolation facilities.

The ambulances are cared for with the same high standard maintenance routine that is used for all  vehicles in Riders for Health programmes.

New ambulances Lesotho

The new ambulances arrive in Lesotho 2021

Mahali Hlasa, Country Director of the Riders Lesotho programme says:

“The number of deaths we’re seeing now in Lesotho is very frightening. Up until now our country has managed to keep mortality from COVID-19 to a minimum, although there were always fears of deaths from undiagnosed but suspected cases. We’re worried about the rising numbers of deaths and it is a sign of the virus becoming more than our health service can handle. Your help is crucial. Thank you for helping us now and always.“

Two Wheels for Life has also provided additional training, motorcycles and equipment to programmes in Lesotho, The Gambia, Nigeria and Malawi to support them as they continue their life saving work and allow them to add new COVID-19 related work to their busy rosters.

We are proud that with the help of MotoGP™ and all our supporters and generous donors in the world of motorcycling, we are able to provide valuable countries in great need at this time.

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